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X-PITCH 2023 Finals: Accelerating Deeptech

Co-organized by top organizations from ten economies, X-PITCH is an iconic startup event in Asia, and probably the most challenging pitch contest in the world. Known as the X Games for Startups, founders go through a series of pitch challenges to win investments, awards and exposure. Kleensoil has successfully reached the semi-final, a remarkable achievement considering the fierce competition from over 3,000 startups worldwide.


Corporate-Startup Pitch Event: Sustainability

SGInnovate’s Corporate-Startup Pitch Event series brings together a community of Corporates, CVCs and Startups for thought leadership discussions, knowledge sharing and networking. In october 2023, Kleensoil is excited to be spotlighted as one of the Singapore's impressive strides in sustainability, including advancements in sustainable energy, innovative materials, and cutting-edge platforms. Kleensoil strives to harness frontier technologies to shape a greener future. We share with many industrial palyer on our latest sustainable technology that turning waste to green materials.


Nanjing Qixia District Industry Promotion and Economic and Trade Cooperation Matchmaking conference (Singapore) 

On 24th August 2023, KleenSoil Environmental Technology was honorably invited to attend the Nanjing Qixia Industry Promotion and Economic and Trade Cooperation Matchmaking Conference, held at Keppel Bay Tower. With a theme of “Cooperation and Prosperity along the Silk Road”, the conference  serves as a dynamic platform for investors and government officials from Nanjing and Singapore to ignite conversations, foster collaboration and inspire actions in the areas of economy, trade and investment between Nanjing and Singapore.

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InnovFest 2023: Asia’s flagship technology event, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship

On 7 to 9 June 2023, KleenSoil Environmental Technologies was honorably invited to showcase in the InnovFest x Elevating Founders 2023 at Singapore Expo. This yearly conference attracted over 15,000 attendees from corporate, investors, academia and tech start-ups with their innovative research developments and technologies, ranging from climate, food security, health, green energy, industry 5.0 and education. Over the years, Kleensoil has been focusing on providing sustainable and customized solid waste remediation solutions in different sectors such as construction, mining, environmental and waste sector in the global market. Our latest patented technology can recover more than 95 % of heavy metals from waste for recycling and with residual waste discharge accounted for less than 5 %. With a significant reduction in waste discharge, the overall cost of treatment, transportation and landfilling of waste would be reduced greatly. Our breakthrough technology has attracted many industrial customers and users. Currently, KleenSoil is collaborating with a Singapore local waste management company to conduct pilot test on treatment and recovery of industrial waste, such as non-incinerable waste (NIM) and sewage sludge incineration ash (SSIA). It is also working with mining companies in China on mining waste treatment.


Pilot test with NSL Chemicals Ltd

KleenSoil Environmental Technologies have partnered with NSL Chemicals Ltd (NSC) for our pilot test in a three-year project, funded by the Closing the Waste Loop Funding Initiative administered by the National Environmental Agency (NEA) of Singapore. The bench scale results are satisfied, and we move on to pilot scale. These pilot tests aim to use cost effective means to remove or recover heavy metals from non-incinerable waste (NIW) which could be used for potential applications such as building materials, promoting near zero waste discharge.

An integrated system is developed to be used on the pilot tests. After treatment, the residual waste is tested with a leaching test to ensure that the amount of heavy metal leached are able to meet NEA requirements. Other waste, such as incineration bottom ash and incineration fly ash are also tested with the developed processes.


Mining waste treatment in China

Despite the slow economic activities in China due to Covid 19 pandemic restrictions, KleenSoil Environmental Technologies has successfully partnered with a China Barium mining company for the treatment of the mining waste. Previously, the mining waste was washed, landfilled, and required to be monitored for ten years. With our proprietary additive, we have effectively reduced the heavy metal contamination in the mining waste 10 times and the leachate results meet the China government's regulatory requirements and standards. The treated mining waste can be now further used as building or backfilling materials for other applications. This has significantly decreased the cost of current landfilling and monitoring.

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