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KleenSoil Environmental Technologies Pte. Ltd. is a deep technology start-up company supported by the National University of Singapore Graduate Research Innovation Programme (GRIP). The business scope of the company mainly includes the processing of inorganic solid waste (industrial solid waste, heavy metal pollution in soil and tailing), organic matter (food waste, farm waste, plastic waste, etc), lithium battery recovery, environmental assessment, and environmental sample testing. One of the latest technologies, which involves the world’s leading slag-free refining solid waste technology, uses a closed-loop solid and hazardous waste recycling system. This allows the recovery of more than 95% of different types of non-metals, metals, and heavy metals. Furthermore, the conversion to raw chemical materials involves no residue, waste and wastewater discharge, demonstrating a process output-to-cost ratio of up to 270%. This technology can be applied to municipal non-incineration waste, sewage treatment plant sludge incineration ash, municipal incineration bottom ash and fly ash, and other solid hazardous waste. KleenSoil’s environmental technologies include:

Inorganic Solid Waste

  • Slag-free refining solid waste technology, converting all solid waste to fundamental chemicals

  • Metal extraction from solid waste technology

  • Fast neutralizing fixant for contaminated solid waste 

  • Heavy metal contaminated soil restoration technology

  • Detoxification techniques for heavy metals in soil extraction

Organic Solid Waste

  • Biomass energy generation technology

  • High calorific value biochar and biodiesel production technology from food waste residue desalination

  • Catalytic conversion of waste plastics into single-walled carbon nanotubes

  • Catalytic conversion of waste plastics to biodiesel production

Lithium Cobalt Recovery

  • Technology for recovery of metals such as lithium and cobalt from spent lithium-ion batteries

Environmental Impact Assessment 

  • Pollution Detection in EIA samples

  • Environmental impact assessment on solid waste

KleenSoil Remedy 2100

Packaged with Problem Analysis & Monitoring Services

The Science(s) Behind KleenSoil


KleenSoil Remedy 2100

is developed to be easily incorporated into work process for our customers with existing engineering facilities.

The addition of KleenSoil Remedy 2100 is not limited to only on-site mixing method.

Site Assessment

Pollution Characterization

Risk Assessment

Remediation Target

Remediation Plan

Remediation Plan Proposal

Feasibility Investigation

Project Execution

Engineering Design & Sub-contracting

Supervision of Treatment Execution

Evaluation & Completion

Pollution Measurement & Monitoring

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